Holiday Hangover

I have so many projects in mind for the coming months and weeks, and yet here I sit - paralyzed, due in part to my unfinished Christmas gifts. It is January 7th and I really haven't completed or, to be quite honest, worked on much (besides a lot of cleaning/purging around the house) since the day after Christmas.

Unlike most recent years, the amount of unfinished work isn't overwhelming. Too often, I've left those UFOs to sit far too long and many remain unfinished to this day.

But this year, there are really only three projects I should complete: 1) a sweater for my second daughter's "Rose Doll"; 2) finish the hair on a knitted doll for daughter #3; and, 3) finish a sweater for the knitted doll. Ooh, and #4) hand-sew the lining (better) on third daughter's Christmas stocking. But actually, I don't mind if #4 waits until next Nov/Dec.

In the meantime, I have this basket of fabric calling to me.

I have a new nephew who is due to be born later this month and I'm hoping to send my younger sister some layette clothing for him, made from some of the fabric to the right. There is also some Valentine's Day fabric in there. Pajamas? Dresses? Plus, my youngest daughter's birthday is later this month and I'd like to make her a few things...an apron? felt play food?

And then there is this fabric awaiting to become some doll dresses.

What should I work on first? Perhaps I'll cut out some patterns and fabric tonight. Maybe if I tackle one Christmas UFO a month, that will help move me along with my projects.

Because right now, I just want to work on something new :).

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