A New Face

This doll was sewn several months ago, but I have yet to finish her. I'm thinking she needs her eyes touched up, specifically the one to the left (in the photo). It's a bit too small...and her eyes overall need more work. I don't like that left "highlight". Hmmm, that will involve removing her ears (where I hide embroidery knots) and the highlight/pupil, etc. for both eyes. Probably a solid hour of hand-sewing.

But then again, she definitely has an expression...kind of like she's smirking.

Should I leave her alone? Should I go back and try again? I'm thinking I should try again...

We'll see. A new face could make a difference.


  1. Where did you ever get the pattern for the head? Ive tried every kind of head and face you can find but this by far is the best i have seen yet. Id love to try it.

  2. I have to agree with Ashley. I love the dolls you make and would love to know the pattern used?

  3. I have the same question as the ladies above... what pattern did you use? I'm thinking my daughter needs to have a doll with a beautiful face like this. If it is a self drafted pattern do you sell it? Thanks!

  4. I just got your beautiful book for Christmas, and tonight I sat down to read your blog. And I ended up reading all of it. HA! Your work is absolutely lovely, I can't wait for my Kona solid's and my wool stuffing to arrive so I can start making dolls! I have made a few dolls before, but I have never seen so lovely a shape as your beautiful patterns. Thank you for your amazing work to bring these toys to live in MY home! (Also, I wish I could come sit down in your pink room and watch you sew hair and eyes. Eeek!)