Pass and Fail (x2)

I'll start with the fails.

1. The "simple doll" is not so simple. Yes, the pattern is easy enough, but I'm not liking how it's turning out and can't decide what to do. After sewing and prior to stuffing, I could tell instantly that I didn't like the shape of the head. It's too small and short, but also a bit wide for my tastes. Here is a close-up of the pattern cover.

You can't really tell, but I think it's the hair that makes the head look a little "taller" in these pictures. This is compounded by the fact that I drew the eyes much too big. Maybe that's the real problem. I can't decide whether I should scrap it or just finish it to the best of my ability. I can learn from it, right?

2. My second "fail" is not having anything made yet for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday on Sunday. I have a bit of time still, but nothing planned. As the youngest of 3 girls, she has so much. And I just gave her a knitted doll for Christmas, so I don't want to give her another doll just yet. I think I'll just make some felt food. I better get started on it ASAP.

And my pass...

I reworked the eyes a bit on the doll I showed on my first blog post. My husband literally laughed out loud when I showed it to him, not seeing the "difference" at all between the before and after. But to me, the eyes look decent enough for me to move forward and finish this doll. They're not perfect (and seeing this picture makes me want to go back and work on them a little bit more), but they are good enough. Plus, I already sewed the ears back on. Time to move on.


and after

She'll be getting little blond curls.

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