"Q" is for Quilts

Q is for Quilt
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My older sister had this great, yet simple suggestion for my youngest daughter's birthday - make her an alphabet photo album. I loved the idea! Better than making more felt food.

On Friday, I went to Michael's, intending to walk out with just a plain 4 x 6 photo album. My original plans were to hand-sew a wool felt cover for it; on the left side of the inside page(s), there would be the uppercase/lowercase letters and on the right side(s), a personal picture that corresponded to the letter.

I never walk out of Michael's with only what I intended to walk in there to buy. Never. I have no problem with JoAnn's, perhaps because I buy the bulk of my fabric on-line. But Michaels...it's my downfall.

I ended up buying a small bright pink scrapbook that holds ten 8 x 8 pages. I also bought several Martha Stewart scrapbook items, like a paper pad of pastel insert pages, animal stickers, alphabet stickers, and some other little, fun, decorative items.

I have tried my best to keep this project simple. Since my daughter's birthday was yesterday, I've already presented her with the album, but I am actually still working on it - filling in the words under/next to the pictures. Needless to say, she LOVES it. Loves it! And it has been really fun looking through pictures and trying to match them up with a particular letter. For all the family we have, many of the "ABC's" were easy, but there were still a few letters that I was stuck on.

Like "Q".

But then my oldest daughter suggested "quilts"!!! My mother makes beautiful quilts and has filled our tiny house with them over the years. So yesterday I snapped a picture of the birthday girl, wrapped in two of her favorite quilts from Grandma G. The picture at the top of this post is the picture that is now on the "Q" page. Perfect.

I also had to include this one. Such a happy kid!

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