Hope for Haiti

My oldest daughter and I just finished up this doll, who will eventually be sent off to Haiti as part of a larger effort coordinated by Sarah Hanson, of Dolly Donations. Sarah is partnering with The Abundant Ground Foundation to bring 181 handmade dolls to an orphanage in Haiti. Her website is exciting to follow, watching the dolls trickle in from around the globe :). She also has a great (free!) rag doll pattern, as well as tutorials on painting features and other doll-making techniques.

More information on the doll donation drive is available from the Abundant Ground Foundation here.

We decided to add a little pocket so her new owner can store a tiny treasure or two.

We'll be sending off Hope (what my daughter has named her) to The Abundant Ground Foundation tomorrow. My daughter is working on a little note to tuck in the pocket.

Thank you, Sarah, for organizing this effort! It was a cause we couldn't pass up.

ETA: This doll was made from the (free!) pattern designed by Emily Martin/Inside a Black Apple available here.


  1. Thanks for sharing,I will make one for sure. Making dolls for a cause is my favorite. I imagine they are quite loved.

    I was wondering, do you sale your dolls? I would love to add one to my collection. =)


  2. Thank you so much for writing about Dolly Donations and making such a pretty doll! She’s adorable! May I use the photo in my next Thank You list with a link to your blog? I’m just in love with her eyes :)
    Thanks again, drop by any time, and Happy Sewing!


    Dolly Donations

  3. ricebabies - i'll email you when i get a bit more time. i'd love to get to the point that i am selling a doll here or there...but i'm still trying to figure out how that will work (i'd LOVE to hear your experience). in the meantime, i'm just working on my technique.

    sarah - thank YOU so much. i'm happy to help. feel free to use the photo/link to this blog. it's so fun to see all the dolls being made :)

  4. I think you are by far the most talented doll maker I have seen. I thought I spend a lot of time on my dolls eyes, then I saw yours. Stunning.

    You are my best kept secret, because I want to be one of the firt to get a doll when you have one, he he.

  5. oh wow! that was the nicest compliment ever on my dolls, especially from YOU, whose work i admire so much.

    thank you :)