In bloom

While much of the country continues to enjoy its snow and winter-like weather, it feels like nothing but Spring around here. Our neighborhood trees are covered with blossoms. Pink and white trees everywhere! Quite beautiful. And actually, I think their appearance has peaked; we're starting to see more and more tiny flowers dusting the ground and little purple or green leaves sprouting on branches.

Most of the trees are pink, much to my girls' delight.

To mark the occassion, the older girls and I made our annual cherry blossom branch last night. They had more fun with it this year (less frustration with the glue and tissue paper sticking to their fingers).

My oldest used a watercolor pencil to draw/paint a branch and covered that with a few blossoms as well.

And I made a wee blossom doll to add to the nature/seasonal shelf while watching American Idol. Of course, I had my youngest daughter's *help*. I can't begin to count the number of times I had to re-thread my needle :).

I'm not sure when Spring officially starts, but today was full of sunshine and warm temperatures. There are rumors that rain is on its way this weekend. Still, Spring appears to be just around the corner. At least it is for some of us :).

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