A few weeks back, I finally made a trip to Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore not far from here. After walking around the store a bit and I discovered a goldmine...a whole aisle of sewing books! Shelves and shelves - and of course, I couldn't read any of the titles!!! I had no idea how to even begin looking through these books. I spotted Girly Style Wardrobe, which I already own and LOVE, and dozens more books like that. It was actually overwhelming.

My younger two daughters were with me and, as if on cue, they started racing and yelling up and down the aisles. Ugh. I knew my time there was limited so I just started yanking books off the shelves and flipping through them as quickly as I could. I ended up just buying one book but plan to go back soon. Next time I will go ALONE :).

This is the book I bought (for cheaper than I could have on etsy). It's cute and I'm sure I'll try out this pattern at some point. Lots of cute doll clothes, too!

I love the hairstyle on the redhead below.

Lots of cute accessories and shoes, too.

There were several aisles full of cute Japanese notebooks, pens, bento supplies, you name it. The girls were falling apart by that point, so I just needed to pay and get out of there. I did manage to grab this little guy on the way to the cashier. He currently has a spot up on our seasonal/nature shelf. It is Year of the Tiger, after all.

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  1. Love the book, looks like it has lots of goodies to make. The boy doll is too cute.