The Thimble People!?!?

How is that I've never heard of The Mary Frances Sewing Book: Adventures Among the Thimble People before? I'm amazed. To think that online stores that I buy from regularly (like A Child's Dream Come True), carry/carried the book and I've only recently stumbled upon this sweeet find. Where have I been?

And by stumble...I mean stumble. Several weeks ago, I purchased a page that was pulled from an old, original edition, 1913 children's sewing book. The etsy ad said that the sale included the pattern for the dress below. I had planned to crop and frame this page, though, now that I have it in my possession, I want to keep it intact (the page features a different dress below it and has the pattern, including tissue paper, adhered to the back). I think I'll just have a nice print made of it and frame that instead. How cute is this? (The colors are a bit off here.)

The seller also sent this page and the patterns for these pieces.

Anyways, after the etsy purchase, I decided to look into what this "1913 sewing book" was all about...and I fell in love :). I now own a new copy of the book and all the patterns (I had to buy the patterns separately). I've put the book aside for my oldest daughter's birthday in May, but I can't resist flipping through it almost every day. And I've already picked out the fabric to try out the Afternoon Dress above. I'm not waiting until May to make the dress, either.

I can't wait to read this book with my girls! These illustrations...the characters...the basic hand-sewing techniques covered.

Perfect and lovely.


  1. I am now on a search for this book. How old is your daughter? I think it might be a bit advanced for my 2 but someday I think they will love it.

  2. Try this site:


    I ordered the Mary Frances knitting book from them (a Christmas present for this year).

    My oldest is 7. I don't know if she would have been ready for this last summer. But I am helping her out, too (I do the ironing, help her start/finish). Luckily, she's not a perfectionist and is very patient. I've told her if she's not feeling patient, to walk away and try again later :).

  3. I found the book on amazon, gave it to my girls for Christmas and my oldest (6) is almost done reading it and wants to sew every pattern in the book! Thank you!

  4. That's great to hear, Tracy! We're about to get back to the patterns, too. I'd love to see what your daughter makes!