Valentine's Day

The girls and I have been busy working on Valentine's Day crafts. One more day and there are still a few projects left to complete.

So far, there has been a little hand-sewing (by my oldest daughter),

...a little hair clip for middle daughter, made from the rose barrette tutorial at The Purl Bee,

...a few little hair clips for youngest daughter's playgroup friends,

...some Valentine's-themed recycled crayons for preschool classmates (inspired by this post at thelongthread.com),

...and, a whole bunch of Valentine's (we made over 50!). Both older daughters chose to do the usual around here - watercolors in reds and purples on several sheets of watercolor paper. We then cut out heart-shapes and the girls have fun decorating with an assortment of stickers and doilies. Here is one before it is slathered in stickers :).

Back to work...

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