Wanted: Craft Coach

Is there such a thing? Kind of like a life coach...someone who could come and sit with me in my sewing space and help me prioritize and focus and work more effectively.

Because really, I think I have ADD or something when it comes to "my creativity" (not sure how to word that?). I have so many projects all in various stages of completion and yet I'll often sit with my morning coffee, admiring others' projects, or some new idea will come to me as I'm shuttling my kids around town, and then I'll think I have to make THAT...NOW!!!

Many times, I'll go rummage through my supplies and find what's needed. Or I'll spend my spare minutes that day driving around, buying the necessary yarn/fabric/supplies. Some of the time, I'll even trace and cut patterns or cast on stitches. I'll work for a day or two...and then I'll see or think of something else I HAVE TO MAKE (and the project I was working on gets cast aside) and it all starts again.

Okay, and some of the time, I actually finish a project or two. But seriously, I need to stop this and just finish many of the projects I have already started.

For instance, this weekend, this is one of my distractions. Not at all what I intended to work on, but something I just have make right now!. And now that this "one-piece wonder" :) is almost done, I've already started on my second one.

But I have another big doll that still needs hair! And doll clothes that need to be sewn! And those Valentine's PJs that are cut, but still need to be serged! Argh. I need an intervention.


  1. Oh, I so hear you! I'm the exact same way. Let me know if you find such a coach, because I could sure use one, too! ;)

  2. I am EXACTLY the same:) But I am starting to realize that its not the finishing that matters, its the enjoyment I get 'during' that does:)

  3. I know this is an old post, but I love you blog.
    Recently I have felt exactly like this - soooo many projects started, but not finished. what with working FT and being a parent there is never enough hours in the day.
    Yesterday I put all the projects our in the table and tackled them. Most of them were handsewing which usually drives me nuts, but they are ALL done.
    I feel liberated and glad to know I am not the only one who has soo many on the go at once!

  4. Well, it sure is nice to know that I am not alone with this tiny problem. Before my boys were grown, I was usually too busy with taking care of the family and working full time. Now, I am no longer working, but still seem to have the same problem finishing all my projects. Some of my own problem, however, is knowing what I want to do, but not always having all the tools I need (many which are very expensive). But I will get there! ...One day at a time!