Meet Annabelle

This was my I have to make this right now project this weekend. And actually, I made her for two very good reasons:

1. We're taking a trip soon and my middle daughter (the 4 1/2 year old) kept asking me which of her dolls she could bring with us and pack away in a suitcase. I thought I should just make her a simple flatdoll that could be squished like a pancake and would still maintain its shape :).

2. This same daughter is my Project Runway pal. We watch every episode together on Friday mornings, her day off from preschool. She tries to create outfits of her own for her dolls after the show is over (tying silk scarves around them). And so I thought, a simple flatdoll would be a perfect doll for her to start actually sewing doll clothes.

(And it is worth mentioning, I drafted this doll to be made with only ONE pattern piece. ONE!)

At first I was stumped on the mouth (see the picture in yesterday's post), but I just decided it was best to go with a smirk to match my daughter's.

(We used the scraps from the dress above for the Hope doll we made for the Dolly Donations drive!)

To make her clothes, I literally placed her on a sheet of freezer paper. With my daughter at my side, I drew a dress shape around half her body. Rudimentary...yes.

I sewed up her bloomers, and then we moved on to her dress.

I wanted my daughter to do the applique herself. But I did use a 1/16" craft punch to help her out (I sometimes do this to assist the girls with hand-sewing).

One of my daughter's favorite books is Fanny, a story about a little girl who initially wants the dolls that all her friends have (very Bratz-like looking dolls). Her mom says no. So, Fanny sets out to make her own doll.

So, of course, my daughter just loved this part. She really felt like she was part of everything from this point on.

Perched on my lap, she helped me sew the dress. I had my machine set on its slowest speed, and while I kept my foot on the pedal, she helped to guide the fabric. (I had drawn lines to help her follow).

And here is her finished "Annabelle" doll. The dress fits kinda funny, which I guess is to be expected :). Next time, I'm sure we'll do better. I am now working on a second doll for my oldest daughter. And then we'll be making little bags (using the fabric in the backdrop below) for the dolls to travel in.


  1. Amazing, makes me wish for a daughter.

  2. She is so beautiful, I'm just trying to make my first rag doll, but she is nowhere near as beautiful as yours.

  3. ok...need to figure out how I can get you to make one for my two nieces...how long do they take you to make??? How much would you have to charge to make it worth your time??? You are so talented, it is just unbelievable! So jealous...

  4. oh, sara. like you need to ask :). of course i'll make some dolls for your nieces at some point. we'll talk.

  5. Hi, I have a friend who is taking their daughter to germany for medical treatment. I wanted to make her a doll and stumbled onto your blog. I was wondering if you could email me the pattern for this wonderful doll?? I would be willing to pay for it of course. :)

  6. so sweet. and i love the story!