Meet Lily

Wow. Nothing like an icky virus to knock us all out for far too long. It's like life was on pause there for awhile.

Luckily, this morning the windows are open, the washer and dryer are churning, the living room is tidied up (the bedrooms need lots of work), and most importantly, we are all on the mend! Now I'm trying to figure out what was going on in my sewing space. From the looks of all the fabric and patterns strewn about, I had a lot going on. I just don't know what.

As I figure this all out, here is another post about a doll I made last Fall. Meet Lily.

She is the first doll that I have made that is now "out there" in the world. Ok, not quite; she did go to a little girl at my daughter's preschool (the family who won the silent auction item for the custom doll). But still, this Fall my daughter will be off to Kindergarten and I won't see this family anymore. All my dolls and toys thus far have gone exclusively to family and a few good friends.

I loved making this doll. I loved the yarn I used and plan to use it for future dolls (some yarns hold up better than others...this is a really good yarn). The color is so rich and dark.

The dress is made from the same Vogue pattern I used for Louisa. She has lined corduroy shoes, thanks to an awesome doll shoe tutorial by one of my favorite dollmakers ever, Elise of zippypops. I wish she posted more (hint hint), because her work is so meticulous. She has some amazing tutorials on her site - for doll hair, a free teddy bear pattern, tea dying cloth dolls, and the one I use most often, her doll shoe tutorial. To be honest, making doll shoes is one of my least favorite things. Unless they are handsewn with wool felt, sewing little shoes on a machine can be a headache. But Elise's tutorial is so straight-forward and the lined shoes look so nice and polished when completed.

There are still a few alterations I need to make to the doll pattern. I have a few sewn bodies left to finish up (more trial and errors that I'm trying to make the most of). I'm really hoping that my next batch will look better.

And now, I think I'll take the younger girls on morning errands and then a quick visit to the park before preschool.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my...these dolls are too sweet! They look like a doll to play with but also an heirloom that you would keep for your daughter and your daughter's daughter...you get the picture. ;)Just wonderful!

    Oh, I forgot to mention I am a fellow fishie! :)

  2. stunning, stunning, stunning, these are the prettiest dolls I have seen in a long time, the face and hair are gorgeous.

  3. @Indo bay - your description is exactly the kind of doll i've been striving to make - something that kids will like and that will be cherished for years. thank you so much for your kind words.

    @belleandboo - thank you! your words mean so much to me.

  4. This dolly is delicious and all of your dollies are stunning. This little girl reminds me of a dolly that I had as a small child, I think my Oma may have made it. The face is so similar - thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  5. @mellyandrosie - the doll you had as a child sounds very sweet. it's nice to hear that you hold such fond memories of it. i'm hoping my girls will feel that way about some of their dolls/toys someday :).

  6. Ваши куклы прекрасны!

  7. Hi sorry to bother you, your dolls are amazing. I wish I could do something like this! I have recently been diagnosed diabled after my mobility and such has decreased and I am looking for a hobby (not something I can make money from, but something I can do!) ~ I was looking to see if I could find a pattern or any how to's on how to make this particular type of doll! But I can't find anything! I was wondering if you might be able to help me out??! Thank you <3 Imogen <3

  8. Hi, I was wondering could I order a custom doll.

  9. I love these dolls I've been trying for weeks to make the perfect head that I can actually do for these doll is there any help u can give me. And I know am been a bit cheeky and you probably don't but do u sell your patterns ?