Family Day Fun

This past Sunday, along with what seemed like every other family on the Peninsula, we took the girls to the Cantor Arts Center, a beautiful museum on the campus of Stanford University. It was Family Day - a free event - and the focus of this year's celebration was on bringing Chinese culture to life.

There were several awesome art projects for the kids, including making their own Chinese opera masks...

not sure which opera this mask is from...

I love the eyebrow!

The kids could also make blossom trees, dragon puppets, paper lanterns, and ink drawings. Here is my oldest working on her ink drawing.

And each of the girls decorated a "brick" that they then used to build the Great Wall of China. Here is my youngest and her brick.

And my oldest next to the Great Wall.

There were also lion dancers, tea ceremonies, storytelling and lots of other entertainment for the kids. All in all, it was a great family outing. Very crowded, but fun.

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