Yesterday morning, my oldest daughter and I spent a bit of time sewing. I never got around to making her piano bag a few weeks back, so I used the opportunity to give her some sewing lessons and let her make much of the bag herself. I figured a simple tote would be an easy beginner sewing project.

This was our fabric.

I had plenty of this Japanese cotton/linen print, but only a FQ of the Moda dots. So, I tried to draft up a pattern that only used a FQ. Mistake Number One.

Still, I'm trying to look at the bright side! Here is my daughter sewing away. I raised the foot pedal so she could reach it and adjusted the speed to its lowest possible setting.

She did really well, stopping to take each pin out. It was a great beginner project. Quick...and it should have been easy.

However, *I* totally messed up. Not only did I draft a tote pattern that was too narrow to begin with, I then boxed the corners of the bag making it even narrower! Mistake Number Two!

Ah, well. It *will work* for now. Barely. And I still have lots of the outer fabric, enough to make a roomier piano tote. And this will still make a cute tote bag when it's eventually replaced. And my daughter sewed much of it herself and she is happy with the outcome. I need to really focus on that last part.

Lessons learned, for both of us :).


  1. I love the fabric. And yes, look at the bright side, your opinion will greatly effect hers! Adorable post.


  2. Hi there (fishie) lovely post. How wonderful to sew with your daughter. I have a sewing machine I've had for years and took a few classes but I am so looking for someone to help me one on one - no luck yet. I wish I had learned as a child - always love the idea of making skirts, pillow cases etc. The bag is adorable! I'll continue to pop in to see your creations thank you for inspiring me to finally plug in my sewing machine ;-)

  3. thank you, rachael :). the fabric is great...and i can tell my daughter really likes it, too. she was swinging her bag around yesterday before lessons (i'm sure hoping people would notice it).

    and ivy - you should get out that sewing machine! i'm kinda bummed the ecourse is over. i didn't realize how much i looked forward to each's week class.