Fun with Markers

We've been having fun drawing these days. It's something that works with my girls - a somewhat quiet afternoon activity. I draw...they draw. We can stay busy sketching and coloring for a good 20 minutes before someone inevitably falls off their chair, steals a marker their sister was using (or "thinking of using"), colors on the couch/their sister(s)/the rug, etc.

The picture above is one of a few drawings I sketched for our "Mystery Child" at our middle daughter's preschool (every family is assigned one). My husband and I made an accordion-style album out of binder board and covered it with some cute fabric book cloth. It was actually the first time I made our own book cloth, with just Heat-and Bond Lite, fabric, and tissue paper. In the past, I've fused fabric to Japanese book cloth, but found that can be expensive. This seemed to work well.

The inside "pages"/boards are filled with a few matted drawings/pictures and a written section that describes this little girl and many "interesting" facts about her (this has been an ongoing project over the past few months).

My husband also wrote a nice poem about our Mystery Child that he'll read to all the parents tonight. I hope the parents are happy with what we've done. I'm not sure what to expect!


  1. Never knew that T is a poet...post the poem as well!

  2. They will be. You are so talented, and so much thought went into it. Lovely.

    Drawing is great family fun, I agree.

  3. @ sara - you don't remember that poem he scrawled on a napkin at lucy's wedding 10+ years ago? ...j/k! no, actually, any writing that "we" have to do (whether it be stories for the girls, cards, etc.) is his job. he's actually pretty good! the poem he read last night was a series of haiku. he pulled it off :).

    @ ricebabies - thank you. i was actually blown away at the creativity last night. there were so many amazing projects - handcrafted board games, all sorts of books/stories, albums, memory games, beautiful DVD slide shows, a Waldorf doll (AMAZING job!), a painting/portrait, etc. there were lots of tears last night...emotional night.