More lessons in sewing

Add this experience to my growing list of lessons learned...

Last week I made this dress for my oldest's 7th birthday. We were quite busy the day before with an unplanned excursion to the East Bay, and being the procrastinator that I am, I ended up cutting and sewing this dress late late at night, rushing to have it completed for my daughter to wear to school in the morning. Even though I'd love to blame my mistakes on fatigue, I'm sure I would have made a few of these errors even if I had taken my time.

My inspiration for the dress came from some knit dresses I've seen over the past few years in Mini Boden, the ones with the large applique on the side, like this:

How cute is that dress? I should have looked at it more closely before cutting out this one.

For my daughter's dress, I used an Ottobre t-shirt pattern and then extended the shirt into a dress. So simple! Right?

Again, I really should have looked at the Mini Boden dress more closely. If I had just drawn the lines of the dress more like a simple t-shirt dress (slight A-line) versus the curves I ended up giving it, I'd be much happier with the result. As it turned out, the dress flares much like the Olivia hooded dress by Farbenmix. I think I've made too many Olivia's...it was just instinct to do this :). And while the flared look is cute, it didn't work well here due to the stripes - they ended up meeting in "v's" instead of a straight line. Why this didn't occur to me as I was drawing the lines of the dress?!?!

And not only that, but I didn't even match up the stripes on one side (above the flower). If I had taken my time here, I know at least this wouldn't have happened.

Plus, the dress is just *big*, but my daughter thinks the size is perfect. That's the joy in sewing for kids. My daughter even wore this dress twice last week; she loves it so much.

And I can't overlook the cost factor. I bought the brown/white striped knit in Berkeley on sale for $5/yard and cut up a race t-shirt to make the sunflower. I also used up some scraps of brown ribknit for the circle and the neck-binding. Money saved!!! So, there's that.

Still, I hate mediocre sewing jobs. It's like an itch...I'll have to try again and get it right (redraft the lines, move the applique forwards, etc.) and then I'll feel better. Until then, I'm bothered.


  1. Looks great on your daughter; that smile of hers is a good indication that she approves :-)

    But, I understand when a project does not turn out they way you envision it.


  2. Thanks Beth. It's particularly frustrating when I make these mistakes on otherwise simple sewing projects! Maybe that's it...when I'm sewing more complicated items, I take my time and pay closer attention. Hmm.

  3. I think it turned out beautiful. Looks like she loved it, and that what makes your day.

  4. Thank you Pam! And you're right...she does love it. That's what matters here.

  5. I hear you about the mediocre sewing jobs. And when someone tells you that "no one else will even notice" it never really makes it better. Because if I know it is mediocre well then the whole project might as well go into the "unpick while watching Glee" pile ;)