Art for My Sewing Space

This past weekend, I snuck away from a camping trip and rushed up to San Francisco's Renegade Craft Fair. I missed last year's festivities and I wasn't about to miss it again, even if I couldn't stay long.

My first stop was Emily Martin's booth. Her work is amazing. She is so incredibly talented and creative. I love the variety of items she offers - from buttons to dolls, notebooks, paintings, prints...all of it, simply beautiful. I bought the paper doll set to use as art for my sewing space. One doll has already found a place on the wall.

It faces this mounted poster, which has been up forever.

As you might imagine, my sewing space looks more like a doll factory these days. The girls love to draw pictures of their dolls. A few of their masterpieces are up on my inspiration board, too.

See? Emily's dolls fit right in :). And I think they add a bit of needed sophistication. I need to find frames and wall spaces for these two.

Oh, and though this won't go in the sewing/office/guest room, I also bought this print for my little blond, brown-eyed daughter. She tagged along for the trip and slept in her stroller the whole time I rushed around the fair. I think this will go in the girls' room eventually.

I love this print. It's timeless. The girls won't "outgrow" it. Plus, the elephant reminds me so much of an elephant I sketched and had screen-printed back in junior high.

Back to finishing up a few more Oliver + S Ice Cream dresses...


  1. They are all beautiful artworks, and great inspiration to have in your sewing room :-) I love the paper dolls; they make me want to make 'real' dolls out of them!


  2. Such awesome finds at the crafts fair, especially the little girl on the elephant. Emily's drawings are too cute. That put a smile on my face :D

  3. @ Beth - the paper dolls are beautiful, aren't they? I'm loving my sewing space and spend more and more time here each day :)

    @ Eve - I agree. Her paintings and drawings are very sweet.