If I had written this post on Sunday night, it would have been titled "Frustration", or perhaps worse. This weekend I had HOURS of uninterrupted sewing time. My husband graciously took the three girls on various outings both Saturday and Sunday. And yet all I could seem to do was make a complete mess of everything I tried to sew. I was so frustrated.

One of the things I've repeatedly stressed to my oldest daughter as I'm teaching her to sew is, "if you're feeling frustrated and/or don't feel like sewing, put it down." Yet, I couldn't follow my own advice because how often do I get whole mornings to sew? Never! I felt compelled to make something work. And the harder I tried, the more mistakes I made, the more frustrated I became, the more determined I was to sew...it was this vicious cycle. I should have just given up on Saturday afternoon. Treated myself to a pedicure. Taken a nap. Tackled the laundry. Maybe it wasn't the best time to test out a new pattern I'm drafting. Maybe I need to look at what I did accomplish as a "prototype"(a prototype I can't even look at right now). But at least I know where I need to make improvements. I'll try again later...

Anyways, I went to bed really early on Sunday night and woke up yesterday feeling much more invigorated. I knew better than to go anywhere near my sewing machine and instead looked to my giant pile of unfinished projects and decided to finish up something that would be relatively easy/head-ache free.

I started this project a few weeks ago on our roadtrip down to San Diego. I had with me the new Wee Wonderfuls book and I was lamenting the fact that I haven't yet made the sleeping bag project, especially because it would have been perfect to take on the trip. My girls always like to bring a small stuffed companion with them whenever we go out of town. In fact, it would be perfect for dolls like the Annabelle doll I made a few months ago.

Anyways, I was then flipping through a catalog from Kata Golda that I had picked up from her stall at the Renegade Fair. And I saw these little guys...

How cute are they?

Luckily, because I always bring along a tote containing a stack of wool felt, yarn, knitting needles, and notions with me on roadtrips (you all do this, too, right?), I was able to pull out some scraps of felt and started to work on this project making a little Kata Golda-style sleeping case/stuffed companions. Again, how great for trips?!? Each of my girls gets a little mouse which they can tuck into their little sleeping bag/bed on those nights we're away. Plus, this little set fits nicely in the pocket of a suitcase/tote. And we don't have to worry about leaving their beloved stuffed animals/dolls behind at anyone's home/hotel rooms, either.

I permanently sewed a little pillow and "toy mouse" for each of the mice companions that will fit into these little sleeping bags/pockets. Because I didn't bring any wool with me, I tore apart 100% cotton squares that were in my toiletry bag and used those for stuffing.

I still have to finish the larger (2 inch! they're tiny!) brown and tan mice. I love hand-sewing, so these will be great simple projects to take along with me as I sit around in the minivan waiting at school pick-ups this week.

If you're looking for your own little set of these guys, Kata Golda has them for sale in her shop here. Mice or bunnies! And all her stuff is so cute. Her book is also adorable. Take a look around her shop :).


  1. What a great idea!
    And so gorgeous!

  2. Your little pocket-mice are adorable :-) I love small things like this, and at 53 even like to take them along on my own travels. Some of us just never grow up.


  3. Thanks Jennie and Beth! I need all the encouragement I can get right now ;-P. What a wasted weekend!

    At the same time time, all the props go to Kata Golda on this one. Such beautiful and sweet designs.

    @ Beth - no one says you need to grow up! :) Have fun.

  4. These are so soooo ADORABLE! Will follow you so I don't have to miss your future posts... off now to read some of your past posts.
    Have a happy Wednesday. xx

  5. that is the cutest..i want one!!

    just found your blog xx

  6. What a great idea. These will be great for my girls when we go to visit "THE" mouse LOL. I am just recently falling in love w/ wool felt or any kind of felt really so I have to work on building my stash ;)

  7. Welcome saskia and LissyLou! And thank you both :).

    @ t-beri - I love sewing with felt. Love it. In fact, I'm about to go and sit and catch up on a movie with a felt project in my hand. :)

  8. Aww, so lovely. I got my copy of wee wonderfuls too, she is SO amazing. I really want to give a yard hair girl ry, I thought the pixie looks like an easy start. How about you? have you picked one to try?