Good Morning!

The light in the house is hard to find these days. It's definitely starting to feel a bit like Fall. I couldn't take pictures in my usual spot :).

Here is the completed Project # 5 from the Mary Frances Sewing Book. We skipped over/changed a few things (#1. the eyelet loops, I'll have her practice on a dress that needs one. #2. instead of a cord for the waist, she just made a simple belt).

I cut, ironed, basted, and tied off loose ends. She sewed, as you can see :).

She is extremely pleased with herself. And now we get to bring out MaChine! A kimono is up next. A few more projects, and then she'll be working on some dresses. I may make a little pair of slippers for her doll in the meantime.

And as of last week, all three girls are now in school! I'm hoping to have a bit more time to work on some projects. My youngest is only in school twice a week (and I work at her school one of those two days). But I'll have one morning. That's something!

I'd like to cut and sew a few regular dolls this week and try and keep track of how long they actually take me to make. I also have a few fun projects in the works. Something Halloween-themed...and maybe a tutorial in October. Stay tuned.

Here are some BTS pictures, mostly for the girls' Grandmas that lurk here :). Sorry, I forgot to email these to both of you!

And on the little one's first day...

I never got around to making her a dress to wear on her first day and last day of preschool. Instead, I pulled this from my 5-year old's wardrobe. I figure this one will work on the youngest one's last day of preschool, in May 2013 :)!

It's hard to get a normal picture of her these days. She's goofy.


  1. Congrats on the new found time. I cant wait to see what projects you have in store.

    Your girls are so cute, and so lucky to have each other at school.

    Im not sure what kind of camera you use, but if you bump your iso up to 1600 that would gie you the more light. (you may already know that..but just thought i'd try and help)

  2. Thanks K! Ummm...I don't know what an "iso" is :). My camera (Canon Rebel) is actually broken or needs a new part or something. It read "error 99" last year and ever since then, it doesn't work on many settings. We're lazy in getting around to fix it. Any suggestions?

  3. Such lovely girls! Thank-you for sharing their pictures with us. And the robe is wonderful...it looks so cozy. Great work by your daughter (and you!)

    Enjoy your new-found time :-)


  4. Love the pictures of the girls!

  5. The error 99 might be that you just need to take off your lense and reattach it. It sound silly but I have seen it work.

    Your rebel is a good camera, I use to have one. Im a cannon gal.

  6. I am from Brazil.
    I loved you dolls.