Five Things I'm Excited About

Image from Etsy Shop A Little Sweetness

#1. I received this fabric a few days ago in the mail from Tasha at A Little Sweetness. (Thank you, Tasha!) Isn't her fabric lovely? I won this half-yard in a giveaway and I have been dreaming up what to make with it ever since. I thought at first that I'd incorporate it into some doll-quilts for the girls, but I also think it would work well as *something* around my sewing space. I just haven't decided what that something should be. The fabric is adorable in person. Check out her etsy shop - so many cute things!

#2. The girls and I had a successful, creative weekend. Crammed in between potlucks, soccer games, birthday parties, and baseball watching, my oldest daughter finished Project #7 in the Mary Frances Sewing Book. It is a Dressing Sack made of some fabric I purchased several months ago from Bessie Mary. She used the sewing machine for all sewing. I only had to use the seam-ripper once :).

Last night I finished off the nightclothes wardrobe for her with some little bunny slippers I made out of some extra-thick wool felt.

(A close-up, in case you have any doubt that a 7 year-old made this :) ).

Next up in the Mary Frances wardrobe is a pinafore!

#3. I also spent some quality time with my middle daughter in the sewing/office/guest room. She drew a doll that she'd like me to make. I'm going to try and recreate it for her - either out of wool felt or embroidery or print it out on some fabric. I haven't decided yet.

She and I also worked on knitting. She perched on my lap and held the needles with me and we did the knit stitch over and over and over again, all the while she chanted, "In through the front door, around the back, out through the window and off jumps Jack." We're working on a basic garter stitch scarf.

#4. AND...I'm super excited because I made something based off one of my many sketches and it turned out PERFECT! I'll show it here at some point. But I was so happy things came together. The end product is really cute. At least to me :). It's sitting up on a shelf right now and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

#5. I'm also making progress on several other projects. I have another doll almost stuffed, one ready to sew, and today I'm preparing a smaller version of my doll as well as a few other variations.

Busy week ahead! Hope it's a good week for everyone.


  1. What a wonderful post! Your enthusiasm sings out in every line. Can't wait to see what you made based on one of your sketches that has you smiling :-)


  2. Thank you, Beth. This time of year really starts to get crazy with all the holiday presents I start to make/dream up. Usually, I narrow down what I really need to/have to make in December. But right now, there are little projects everywhere.

  3. WOW! Amazing that your 7-year-old made that. Have to admit that I love those bunny slippers though...your own pattern and not Mary Francis'?