Mary Frances Kimono and WIP

Project #6 from the Mary Frances Sewing Book is complete. My daughter picked out this Baby Nay floral print which I think was perfect for the project. Instead of using ribbon, we used bias tape.

She has used my sewing machine just a handful of times in the past (usually, just sitting on my lap), but this was her first time using it on her own since starting our lessons.

And after all that hand-sewing that she has done over the past several months, she thinks the sewing machine is the GREATEST INVENTION EVER. She's eager to finish up the dressing sack now (Project #7) and plow through the remaining patterns.

In the meantime, I have this doll above that I'm still stuffing. I'm timing myself...and so far, this doll has taken 2 hours to stuff. Of course, I was watching some fluff on TV, but still. Perhaps I'm just a big slowpoke.

And this morning, I'm redrafting the doll pattern a bit. There are a few areas that I need to improve. I'm positive there are easier ways to do this (that I'm unaware of), but for me, I use string, pins, freezer paper, etc. It works! But someday, I'm sure I'll learn how much time I wasted doing it this way and how much more precise and efficient I could have been from the beginning :).


  1. Wonderful work by your daughter; I love her appreciation of the sewing machine after all the hand sewing :-)

    Your work-in-progress picture is great! These are always fun to see. Good luck with the pattern re-drafting.


  2. Классно! Давно наблюдаю за вашими куколками. Я просто восхищена! Вы талант!

  3. Thank you!

    @ Beth, I'm still working with the redrafting. Of all things, the *feet* are still causing me problems. I'm working on it again today.

  4. You mean you haven't scanned that pattern into photoshop yet? ;)

    I am eagerly awaiting this illusive pattern. I HEART your dolls.

    Then again, I'm a little skeered of doll making.

  5. The pattern is still on freezer paper! I keep all the versions and it's neat to look at how the pattern has evolved over the last couple years. One of these days, I need to splurge and buy illustrator and "finish" it.