Clue #3

Thank you to all of those who are playing along with my "Guess What I'm Making Game". I love reading all the responses. So many clever and interesting ideas!

Here is Clue #3: I'm using the yarn pictured for hair.

All my projects, make that all our belongings, are being packed away. We recently purchased a house nearby and are in the process of moving. I'll be so excited once we're all settled in. The first room I want to set up is my sewing space! I'll be sharing part of my youngest daughter's bedroom. I don't think she'll mind for another year or two. We'll figure out a way to make it work in the meantime :).


  1. Oh My, moving during the holidays! You have all my best wishes that the move goes smoothly and that you get your sewing room up and running quickly.

    Love this yarn for hair! She (?) is going to be a golden haired beauty! Hmmmm, you are not making Heidi are you?


  2. Maybe golden hair means Goldilocks!

  3. @ Beth - We're almost done with the moving process. Well, it will take us weeks to really settle into our new home. But all our belongings are just about here. What a process!

    My sewing space is set up for the holidays (I'll rearrange after holiday gifts are done). So I hope to have Clue #4 up on Monday. But no, not Heidi. :)

    @ biscuitbear - Not Goldilocks either :) Several of you will get it as I reveal more clues. I hope to have a few clues next week. I need to finish this gift ASAP!

  4. hi, i'm your newest follower. kellie (aka. rice babies) showed me your work and i felt so inspired i read some of your entries and really loved your hair tutorial! so glad to meet you.

  5. Hi cArLa! I love kellie's work. I'm glad she sent you over here :)

  6. Would it be Rapunzel and Flynn from the movie Tangled?

    And your dolls make me SWOOON with joy! I only hope to learn to be as skillful as you are at your doll making. Your work is beaaaaaaaaautiful!

  7. Not Rapunzel and Flynn.

    Thank you for your kind words, Kristy :)

  8. Wow...was I clueless. That didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for sharing the story.

    I enjoy the fact that you enjoy life and you make the best of it.

    Congradulations on this project. You've done well.