For a Sweet Little Girl

When I first saw a picture of this vintage card in Jenny B. Harris's Allsorts blog, I felt so inspired. Look how adorable.

Photos courtesy of Jenny b. Harris

So I bought a vintage red doll trunk off ebay. Luckily, it's in great condition and it was very inexpensive.

I made a doll for my 5 1/2 year old and the doll fits perfectly inside.

My daughter asked for braided loops and glittery red shoes. She also requested a black velvet dress. As I mentioned in a previous post, her name is Noelle.

This will be the doll that my middle daughter will learn to sew for, just like my older daughter's Marie doll. The trunk will be able to hold the clothes and Noelle.

I can't wait to see my daughter's expression on Christmas morning. I think she'll be pleased.


  1. She is beautiful! How do you keep the gifts for your girls a secret? Do you work on them after they've gone to bed? A doll in a trunk is an extra-special gift :-)


  2. Thank you, Jenny, once again for letting me use those photos. I love them.

    @ Beth - I have to do a lot of work when they're at school or after they go to sleep. My littlest one is often with me at home, so she sees what I'm secretly working on :).

    But because I have projects everywhere in various stages, they're no suspicious when I sew a doll arm, etc. Things like that I can trace, cut, sew, and stuff in from of them.

  3. That may well be the most beautiful doll I've ever seen. Love her! Love the whole package. Speaking of package, what's wrapped up in that tiny turquoise package?

  4. thank you! as for what's in the box - socks and a pair of doll tights! nothing from tiffany's :)

  5. I love your doll,it reminds me of one i received during the war.my father broughtt it from Paris for me with a white coat and a dress with cherries...more than 60 years and i remember it .!It also'd a trunk with a drawer.Your daughter 'll love it .Y.S

  6. Thank you, BUSIR. It's nice to hear how special that doll was to you...and that you still remember it so many years later :)

  7. this doll is an absolute dream come true! Classically beautiful. It shall be treasured for years to come.

  8. This is so nice! My daughters would love that doll!!

  9. She is simply amazing. My daughter would fall over and die if I gave her something this exquisite. I'm inspired.

  10. Good Morning,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on Cuteable this morning in an article about the Handmade Olympics.

    Have a good day

    Lynsey x


  11. hi I have used one of your photos and linked to your blog on my blog www.littlejennywren.blogspot

    I hope you don't mind


  12. Your dolls are so beautiful! I'm glad I found your blog so that I can see all your wonderful creations....

  13. Your dolls are just gorgeous! I would love to try and make one. Do you have any pattern recommendations? I know you use vintage doll patterns, but can you be more specific on a brand so I know what to look for?

    Thanks for sharing your talent. I feel totally inspired to try this.

  14. Thank you everyone!

    @ homemade by jill - sorry it's taken so long to respond! actually, the pattern i use is one that i self-drafted (obviously, i was striving to create a doll reminiscent of the vintage ones). i'll email you with more info...

    1. I would also love the info on this. This doll is gorgeous and I'd love to make one like it. Is this style of doll in your book?

  15. I am astounded by your beautiful dolls! Do you sell them?
    They are just incredible!

  16. Just incredible!!!Thanks for it!!!!

  17. OH. MY. I have been looking at doll making books and making all sorts of stuff since I was 8 years old, but these are the first patterns that I have ever looked at and said, "You know, there are no improvements to be made here...they are JUST RIGHT."

    Thank you for your book. I LOVE they eyes especially. And they have EARS!!!! WELL. DONE. YOU.

  18. "the" eyes, not "they"
    (a lazy edit, sorry;)

  19. How wonderful.
    I am in love with the doll, and the whole package.

    Dorothee (www.mimismae.wordpress.com)