A Slow Month...

January is quickly coming to an end - and I sure didn't accomplish a lot!!! Not like I was hoping to.

In between the girls playing "pass the sickness", I spent a solid two+weeks with at least one of the three girls home from school/nursery school. On top of that, my husband has taken a few trips this month, including a 9-day business trip to Korea. And when he's gone and the girls are sick, life sorta grinds to a halt.

Now things are getting back to "normal" once again (which is still chaotic, just more everyday-ish...and I have help).

Just the other day, my oldest and I re-read the chapter we're on in the Mary Frances Sewing Book. Over the holidays, my daughter had spent some time sewing little dolls as presents and our "lessons" were put on hold. Now they have resumed :). She even picked the fabric for her next sewing project (a pinafore) and it is now cut and partially sewn.

In the meantime, while dreaming up lots of projects for the coming year, I've been contemplating making a quilt for my youngest daughter. My husband just built her a new toddler-sized bed following the wonderful tutorial on this awesome site. It turned out adorable! As I've mentioned before, my sewing space is in my daughter's tiny bedroom, so I'm trying to make the limited space work for both of us (i.e., there are a lot of handmade dolls and toys perched on shelves...it looks almost like a doll/toy workshop). Anyways, I thought this fabric collection would be perfect for her room/bedding. It is by Lecien and called Caramel Town. You can see a much better picture of the print in the picture above. This picture below just shows all the prints/colors. I ordered a ton of this stuff!

But after mulling it over, I'm thinking of asking for my Mom's help instead. She quilts day and night and I know she could do a better job here than me. Plus, it would free up some time for me to work on other projects. It's a win-win. Sound okay, Mom?

Speaking of other projects, I'm still working on one I started a few weeks ago. It's totally new to me and involves a lot of hand-sewing. I plan to have it finished by Valentine's Day (it will be a present for the girls). I hope it turns out. We'll see. It's not stuffed yet, so it's hard for me to tell...

Anyways, thanks so much to those of you who emailed about my silence. Things are okay here! It's sweet of you to be concerned.

And just because this picture makes me smile, I'm putting it here. This is my baby...she is now three!

Love her!


  1. Your dolls are all quite beautiful and your daughter's project to work all the way through the Mary Frances Sewing Book is someone I have always wanted to do (and I am much older then her :) ). Suzanne McBrayer worked through all the patterns some years ago and posted them on her site- http://www.bisquebeauties.com/maryfrances.htm

    Inspiring work.

  2. Hope all the illness has now passed through your family, and as you say, life returns to normal :-) Such yummy fabric, a quilt from this will be a delight!

    Take care, and be well.


  3. Thank you RLC. And yes! I've seen the whole wardrobe on the bisquebeauties site. My daughter and I have looked at it many times to get an idea of what the finished garment might look like.

    And thank you Beth, as always. :)

  4. Your three year old is adorable! I love her party garb!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the Valentine's Day presents, if you choose to share that is!

  5. Such an inspirational woman you are! I love your blog so much.
    Your daughter is so adorable too.
    I look forward to keeping up with your creative endeavors :)

  6. We had a lot of illness in our house during January too. Between that and the snow days, there wasn't a whole lot of going to school going on.

    That fabric collection looks very cute.

  7. @rubi - thanks! I hope to finish up the Valentine's gift today while the older girls are at school. I hope it turns out...

    @hiphome - Thank you! What kind words :).

    @Shari - I hope everyone is feeling better by now. :)