Handmade Olympics!!!

Have any of you checked out the finalists in this year's Handmade Olympics? Noelle (the Christmas doll) is one of the finalists in Event 2 and the Lonely Goatherd Marionettes are finalists in Event 7!!! The short-lists were posted yesterday and voting has just begun.

If any of you feel like voting (for my dolls or any of the other finalists), here are links to both Events. You can only vote once in each category!

Event 2 - "Our favorite handmade goodie for kids"

Event 7 - ""Our favorite handmade or vintage item that's fun!"

And check out the other Events (there are 8!). I'm sure you'll see some familiar names/blogs.

I'll be back tomorrow or Thursday with some pictures of the little guy I made my girls for Valentine's Day. It's a bit dreary out for photos right now...and I have to head to the co-op nursery school. It's my workday today :).


  1. I stumbled on your blog via the HandMade olympics and I am so glad I did - absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Linda, Beth and Maryanne :).

  3. I voted for u! Sent u an email a couple days ago too :)

  4. Your dolls remind me of The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright, one of my favorites.