Hello Spring?

Spring already? That's what it has felt like around the Bay Area recently. In fact, we had record-setting temps yesterday (in the high 70s)! The girls were outside playing in short sleeves and soaking up the sun.

All this warmer weather has prompted my middle daughter to urge me/remind me/pester me to make something more appropriate for her doll, Noelle. I had to agree. The velvet dress and fur-lined cape were definitely looking out-of-season.

So I quickly sewed up this dress above yesterday. I used a bit of fabric that one of my husband's colleagues so kindly brought back from a trip to China. (Thank you Grace!) Perfect for Spring.

I should have a few more posts later this week and early next week. Several projects are almost done! Finally...some progress :).


  1. High 70's? In my dreams :-) Enjoy your wonderful weather, and Noelle looks delightfully spring-y in her new dress.


  2. The strawberry fabric is perfect for that warmer weather! So cute!

  3. Please don't torment us with stories about your nice weather! I cheered today because I caught a glimpse of a tiny patch of grass. Not that we don't still have piles of snow more than 3 feet deep in most places, but since I haven't seen the ground since before Christmas, I have to take what I can get.

    Your dress is very cute and so perfect for Valentine's Day.

  4. Honestly, Beth, I wouldn't mind some colder weather around here. It feels strange to see all the blossoming trees...it's too early!

    Thank you Rubi and Shari. Hopefully, you'll get a break from all the cold, Shari :). It seems like Winter has been brutal for many.

  5. I love the hair on this doll! My mom used to braid my hair like this when I was a little girl and I LOVED it. I called it loopty-loops, and my favorite was when she would double my uber long braids two or three time around. :)