Belle and Boo and Bunny Love

Picture source: Belle and Boo

One of my favorite illustrators at the moment is Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle and Boo. I simply adore all her work and have a special fondness for her characters, Belle and Boo. I have purchased several items from her shop and recently (finally!) had this lovely print framed and placed on the wall of my little sewing space. I love it!

Here's a (really bad) picture...the Pink Room had little sunlight this day.

The Belle and Boo characters remind me so much of my childhood. Like many women my age, I grew up with Belle's hairstyle. I had it for many, many, many years. Usually, it was a bit shorter than shown here...

I can't say I was thrilled with the hairstyle as a kid. I always wanted long hair. But looking at the Belle and Boo characters helps me look back and smile :).

And Boo! Boo reminds me of the little house rabbit that I had for seven+ years. She passed away shortly after my oldest daughter was born :(. I loved that bunny so much. And like Boo, my sweet bunny was light brown and had a little white around her nose.

I believe Mandy is working on another book (yay!!!!). I commented in one of her posts a few weeks back that I had a house rabbit that I used to dress up a few times a year (simple Halloween costumes and reindeer antlers at Christmas). I came across this picture the other day and thought I'd offer it up as proof. In the picture below, we were dressed as witches. I am missing my hat and she is missing her cape, though...

Me and my bunny back in Grad School. A very long time ago...

Needless to say, I love Belle and Boo! Every picture of these two makes me happy. And I'm glad I had a little "Boo" there in my life for awhile. Bunnies are awesome.

Picture source: Belle and Boo


  1. Awww what a sweet post! I enjoyed reading it very much!:)

  2. I love Belle and Boo too. Your post is very sweet. Growing up in Texas, I did own several bunnies, but not as close as you and yours. Very sweet.

  3. I loved this post...so sweet. That picture of you with your bunny in grad school is classic! I've been a fan for a while now too!

  4. Lovely illustrations, and such a pleasant and gentle reflection back.


  5. I always say, "bunnies make everything better!" : D
    Your photos + your work are darling!

  6. I so know what you are talking about wanting long hair. My mother also cut my hair in a short bob with a fringe but that's because I had horrible wispy hair. Love the bunny shots!

  7. Thankyou for introducing me to "Belle & Boo".
    Her artwork is lovely. x.

  8. Love the illustration and I love your blog. I am in awe of your amazing talent! What little girl wouldn't just love to have one of your sewing creations! I featured one of your dolls on my March 25th post at myblog:
    Take care,