Little Stitches

Sewn by my oldest daughter for her friend. Spring 2011.

Over the weekend my oldest daughter attended a birthday party for one of her favorite friends. From the moment she received the invitation she started planning all the gifts she would make. She poured over Kata Golda's book as well as a new book I picked up at the Japanese book store a few weeks back (though you can buy this book many places), Felt Friends from Japan.

Her list was long and her ambitions were high. She picked out five toys that she planned on making (!?!?). And she wanted to cross-stitch something for her friend, too, and then make something from it. A pillow? A purse? A bookmark? All three!

I ended up taking her to the craft store and we found an inexpensive unfinished wood box (a jewelry box?). The lid has a 3 x 5 glass opening that would be perfect for a photo...or a little cross-stitch design? That works!

I made a few modifications to one of Wee Wonderful's X-Stitchette designs so that it would resemble her friend and be a bit more simple for my daughter to follow (including enlarging the pattern). My daughter pulled the rest off herself and even had time to make one of the five toys she had originally planned on making - the tiny wool felt bunny pictured up top. I cut that pattern out for her and she did all the sewing on her own. Hundreds of tiny stitches and several hours between the two presents!!!

She lined the box with wool felt and placed the bunny and a few other gifts inside the box.

And she is extremely proud, as you can see. I'm proud of her, too. Serious dedication!

On an unrelated note: If anyone knows of a toy/doll drive for Japan that's being organized here in the US, please let me know. I have a doll I made that I'd like to contribute. Thanks!


  1. well, SOMEONE has instilled the love of handwork in her...who could that be? ;)

    it's so great that at a young age she truly understands the gift of giving. how thoughtful she is.

  2. Delightful work by your very talented daughter! The future of handwork is in good hands :-)


  3. She did an awesome job on her little prezzies! Looks like she's going to take after her talented mamma!


  4. What a great gift to give and to get! She did an amazing job on that adorable bunny! I´m sure her friend was thrilled! Thank you for an always inspiring blog! /Lina in Sweden

  5. Thanks, Kristin! :)

    Thank you, Beth! Your words always make me smile :)

    And Shelly, my daughter is eyeing several of your patterns! We'll be making some purchases soon. She's really into sewing with felt right now.

    And Lina! I appreciate your words. You're very kind. :)

  6. oh my gosh, that is sooo cute! amazing work!

  7. I'll pass along your comment to my daughter, Hillary. She'll be thrilled. And thank you for coming up with so many adorable patterns! We're hoping there are more X-Stitchettes in the future :).

  8. Wonderful! Your daughter has done an amazing job - you must be very proud of her and her friend must be very happy.