More Summer Sewing

My oldest and I were at Michael's the other day, stocking up on art and craft supplies for summertime. While I was picking up a few skeins of embroidery floss, she spotted these felt doll kits in a new area of the store that also had sheets of wool felt, felted wool, wool roving, and other felting supplies (and cute felt and embroidery kits!). Go Michaels!

Source Amazon

I had some coupons handy and had been eyeing similar kits online**, so it was hard to say no. She picked out the doll kit above for my middle daughter and the one below for herself.

Source Borders

I couldn't find the actual pictures on Michael's site, but as you can see, these kits are available elsewhere (Borders, even?!?). The felt already has holes punched making it easy for kids to sew themselves. Everything is included: needle, thread, beads, stuffing, etc. The girls both started them during their Sunday Sister Sewing Session last night.

**A few months ago, I had spotted these doll kits at one of my favorite online stores, Lark.

I'm glad I found them locally! I may go back with this week's coupon and pick up one more for my youngest. She obviously can't make it yet, but her sisters can.

The only drawback to these kits is that the felt they use is craft felt/acrylic (blah!). The girls noticed the difference right away. But then again, for $5 (with a coupon), I can't complain really. And they have something to work on for at least one more Sunday!

Keep your eye out for these kits if you have a daughter who likes to sew!


  1. Those are delightful kits, Jill. Too bad they used cheap felt, but perhaps you could use the doll to make your own pattern, then make them from wool felt. I'll have to check this out at my Michaels :-)


  2. Thanks!! Both for the heads-up on the kit and to Beth, for the suggestion to make a pattern from the kit! What a great idea! I have a 7-year-old niece who would like to learn to do something like this and has never sewn before. This would be a super fun way to start! Awesome :)

  3. Hey, I hope you don't mind. I linked to your blog on mine because I made my dd a doll inspired by the beautiful ones that you make.

  4. Love these kits you have here, brings back memories of me and my mum sewing together when I was little. Me and my mum stumbled across your blog and so glad too. We love your adorable little dolls...so cute!