Mice are nice

Large mouse by Fox and Owl

I'm here! Thank you for the emails (sorry if I haven't responded yet). Life is good. I've just been a big slacker on the blog front.

On the contrary, I've been busy stirring up a tangle of fabric, yarn, and wool felt in The Pink Room. I actually spent much of Saturday cleaning up and trying to contain a lot of my mess because I was completely taking over my littlest one's bedroom. I even folded down my cutting table to half its size. Now, at least she has her part of the room back and it looks orderly again.

I have to finish up a few projects over the next couple weeks and then it's on to some Christmas dolls. It wouldn't be Christmas without a new addition or two.

Otherwise, we've been preoccupied with mice. Little toy ones, not real - like this little adorable guy.

My oldest daughter and I are loving these little mice by this company called Maileg. A few of our favorites...
Source: Maileg
Source: Maileg

There is a cigar box that the mother and father mice sleep in and look at this house. So cute!

We ordered some plain DIY matchboxes off etsy and my daughter plans to make her own simpler variation of matchbox mice as Christmas gifts this year for her sisters and perhaps a few lucky cousins.

Of course, we had to buy the real deal as well. We found this mouse at one of our favorite toy stores in Berkeley. So sweet in person...

I understand why my daughter is so taken by these mice. I had an impressive collection of little fur mice when I was around her age. They were all in costume...a queen, a cowboy/cowgirl, a witch, a bride and groom, a baby, etc. Who knows what happened to them (Mom?!?). I remember lining them all up on a shelf in the bedroom that I shared with my younger sister. Occasionally, I come across a few for sale on etsy or ebay...but I'm actually very content with the one piece I have left from my childhood collection - I'll leave it to my girls to do the "collecting" these days.

This is the sole mouse that I have left. I found it a year or two ago in a box at my parents' house. It looks scared.

I have no idea what its costume once was; there is no sign of it left. It has one deformed ear and is missing almost all the fur on its tail and a bit from around its nose. Maybe I'll have my daughter make it some clothes.

Poor thing is in the care of the beautiful mouse my daughter and I bought at the Renegade Fair earlier this summer. We were there the first day as the doors opened and bee-lined to Fox and Owl's booth, chatted with Erika a bit (uh, she's awesome and super super super talented), and happily walked away with "Miss Mouse", as my daughters call her.

My daughter pleaded for one of these, too. How could I resist? So many people stopped to ask her where she got it from :).

When not being played with, Miss Mouse usually sits up on a shelf in The Pink Room with the little pig we bought last year at the Renegade Fair. The pig is from Oh Ma Felt and was a perfect birthday gift for my "Year of the Pig" baby. It's actually one of her favorites :).

Off to go pick-up the girls from their schools...