The Unfinished Sisters Sewing Sketch

Every so often when tiding up my sewing space I come across this unfinished rough sketch of mine from more than 2 years ago. Whenever I look at this sketch, I laugh a bit because the girls in the drawing are supposed to be my daughters - and they are...but they aren't. For one...their hair is brushed and styled so nicely. That doesn't happen very often around here. Also, my middle daughter is actually wearing what looks like matching socks (she likes to "layer" in real life...mismatching socks on top of leggings on top of tights, under a dress, of course, etc.). And the two older ones are sewing...on their own...cooperatively. Pure fantasy?

I never finished the sketch because I wasn't sure where I was going with it. Did I eventually want to frame it and put it up in my sewing space? Did I want to convert it to a line drawing and embroider it? I never decided so I never finished it.

To be honest and fair, I should add that the sketch is not original. It was inspired (that doesn't feel like a strong enough word here!) by this vintage needlebook that I am still on the hunt for (if anyone comes across it, let me know). I thought this needlebook picture was incredibly charming and decided to draw my own version of my girls for purely personal reasons. Look at how adorable the needlebook is. I want it! I need it!

Source: Unknown! Downloaded it a few years back!

Side note: I did eventually use the sketch of my youngest on a Christmas stocking I made later that year. I changed the doll to one I knit for her and had placed in the stocking.

(The reindeer is from Badbird.)

As I was saying, the sketch used to make me laugh because the girls were sewing and all getting along so nicely...helping to mend a shoe and a dress for their baby sister's doll!?! How sweet of them. Every sewing mother's dream...

But actually, these days, it's not so much a fantasy anymore. We've started a new tradition this year...and it has caused me to reflect on this sketch and consider what I want it to become because of my girls and who they are becoming. I think the sketch has a place in our sewing space/The Pink Room/"Pinkies"...somehow.

I'm also intent on finding that needlebook!

I'll post more about this next week...