Sunday Sister Sewing Sessions

Sunday Sister Sewing Sessions are a tradition we started at the beginning of the new year. I had been noticing that whenever I tried to sneak a few minutes away in the Pink Room (aka "Pinkies"), my girls were just a step or two behind me. And while I love that they're so eager to sew, it's hard to accomplish much if I'm also working with them. So I decided to establish a set time every Sunday afternoon for mother-daughter sewing time. Just me and my two older girls. So far, it's been a remarkable success.

We made up rules during our first official session. 1) You have to be at least 5 1/2 to participate (my middle daughter's rule); 2) try your best (my oldest's rule); and 3) if there is any squabbling, the session is canceled (my rule). To my surprise, they've been incredibly cooperative and kind and my oldest is even helping my middle daughter with her stitches (!!!). They are extra-nice during this special hour on Sundays. Perhaps I should extend the duration of our weekly sessions - a whole afternoon of cooperation and sweetness? Hmmm...

The only music we ever play in Pinkies is this awesome radio station - music from the 1930s and 40s. The songs remind me of being in my Grandma's house as a kid and helps set the mood for sewing - with my girls or by myself. Plus, the station also plays old radio shows/mysteries from that era, which the girls love to listen to.

Each Sunday Sister Sewing Session includes tea and a special treat of some kind. We've been using coffee mugs that the girls designed (I'll have to take a real picture of these) and little tea plates and spoons that were passed down from my Grandmother.

For the past few months, the girls have been working on rabbits from the Kata Golda book. For my middle daughter, I used a small 1/16" hole-punch and made holes for her to then blanket-stitch. My oldest daughter already knew what to do here, so I let her do her thing.

On a few Sundays, the girls have worked on other sewing projects (the projects here for my oldest and my middle daughter worked with me a few times on repairing a Pillow Pet and some other store-bought toys that had sprouted holes).

We're now midway through May and we've only missed one Sunday that we've been in town! The girls honestly seem to look forward to this weekly event. And it has kept them from asking "can I help? can I sew?" whenever they see me in the Pink Room. I try and update the chalkboard (pictured up top) with what step/project they'll be working on each Sunday so they have something to look forward to.

Using buttons to "mark" where she wants the eyes to go.

They finally finished their rabbits this past weekend. Both designed their rabbit's face themselves (I assisted a bit with embroidering features- mostly playing "clean up" :) ).

My oldest daughter and I are now going to start back on her Mary Frances sewing. My middle daughter wants to work on a tooth fairy pillow.

So that's a little of what's been going on here every Sunday afternoon :).

(Sorry for all the poor quality photos. Better photos next time :) ).