means Christmas is already on the brain! It's still a long ways off, but my plate is extremely full these days. I have to start thinking about it now and what I realistically have time to make. Matching pajamas are a must. What else can I fit in? My youngest really wants a doll...one like her sisters have.

In the meantime, there are a few back-to-school projects on the table...

Source: Superbuzzy

And thanks to Sew Mama Sew, I know what I'll be making out of the Ed Emberley fabric above.

These pencil cases! Maybe with some matching travel art folios for car trips.

I love this Ed Emberley fabric. I am confident that I've drawn every animal featured on that fabric at least a dozen times during my childhood (easily more!). I remember that book so well and have tried my best to introduce Ed Emberley books to my girls; they just aren't as drawn to his books as I was as a kid (no pun intended :) ).

Superbuzzy has a few other Ed Emberley items I'm eyeing, including a few fabrics, some trims and a couple bento bags. I like this fabric, too.

My middle daughter is the kid in our family who draws a lot these days. A LOT. She's been into this book lately. I'll have to snap some photos of her artwork. Drawings are scattered all over the house this summer.

Besides drawing, the girls have been enjoying lots of down-time this summer. Very few scheduled activities. Lots of time to lounge around the house, swim, play soccer, and make messes/"be creative" :). And time with family, of course. One last trip next week to see more cousins and spend time at the beach and then it's back to school!

These last few pictures are for the Grandparents, specifically those on the East Coast (though, I'm sure both sets will enjoy them).

My sweet new niece with a tasty flip-flop.

Another adorable nephew.



And, of course, a few of the "matching" shots.

Cousin love.


Thanks for the past couple weeks!

Happy Cousins, Cape Cod, 2011.