Distractions, distractions

But she's a really cute, furry, lovable distraction.

We've wanted a dog for years, but knew we needed to wait for the right time...and the right dog. And here she is. Our sweet pup, Lily.

She was an early Christmas present (we actually rescued her the week before Thanksgiving), and having her around, wagging that tail, waiting patiently by the back door to go outside and play a game a fetch (again)...well, she was quite a distraction through the holidays. I had to push aside a lot of the projects I was working on. But I know her time as a puppy is going to fly by and she needs my/our attention. She is the sweetest dog...such a loving temperament. We're thrilled with her.

I did finish matching pajamas for the girls and their cousins (for the 8th year straight), I pulled together this stocking (I think I need to embroider her name on the cuff?), and helped my oldest sew some felt Christmas mice. But other than that...it's been puppy-time all the time.

She's inspired me to dig out some old fabric and buy some new...

And purchase a few books that the girls are SO EXCITED about...

So now I'm embarking on a hunt for miniature dog-making supplies...

...after I go play fetch and rub a little furry belly some more. Priorities :).


  1. my son has wanted a dog since he could speak. We saw a dog in pet store window, just about broke my heart. Remember that old song "how much is that doggy in the window." I SO want to get him a dog, but that day will have to wait.

    "A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life."

    Bob Barker

    My husband had dog for 17 years, the memories are so sweet to hear.

    I love how a new member of the family brings about new inspiration.

  2. Jill, Lily is adorable! What an endearing face :-) I know your family has a friend for life with Lily.

    The Cute Pups and Cute Dogs book look great; will have to do an Amazon search.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Kellie- your house is so full of little ones (with another on its way!) that i can see you guys having to wait a bit. it was hard to wait for us, be we're happy we did. dogs are awesome...

    Happy New Year, Beth! I could see you using the two books above! Lots of little miniature things...and the dogs are all sewn by hand and scraps of fabric.

  4. Hey, have you ever thought of doing a doll sew-a-long? I'd really like to sew a doll for my daughter, and I'd LOVE to use the same pattern as you. However, my sewing confidence ain't so great, but if I were to follow your lovely clear instructions, it wouldn't be so hard...

  5. aww what a sweet pup! I'm sure your girls are over the moon. Love the stocking, it's really sweet!

  6. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. She's adorable.

  7. That stocking is too cute!
    Congratulations on your new pup :D