Sleep. Sew. Play.

The Pink Room. My youngest daughter's bedroom. Our sewing space. Pinky's. This is where my girls and I spend a bit of our time together each day.

It's a tiny room. And it has the worst natural light out of any room in the house. But we're making it work for now. This is the general layout below.

As soon as you enter the room, this wooden kitchen is to your right, right next to the door. My youngest spends a lot of her time playing/making messes/drawing, etc., while seated on this little carpet. Behind the cupboard doors are loads of wooden food items, tea cups, plates, bowls and utensils. The older girls' sewing stuff is on the right. Their fabric stash is in the clear container and their baskets, etc. are on top.

This is my messy work table. It is huge (it folds out to twice this size) but it also folds down if I/we want. I usually keep it like this, though, half-open. My Featherweight and coverstitch machine are stored below the table, next to a big basket of patterns. The large plastic bins underneath could be stored in a closet, but I like to see some of my fabric. The first bin holds wovens, the second holds knits, the third holds doll and toys in progress, and the fourth holds wool felt. Any smaller shoebox containers store projects I'm also working on. (Those boxes are scattered all over!)

This basket at the back corner of my table holds some knits that will shortly become pajamas, playdresses, and leggings.

Some knits I'm working with this week.

These are our miniature dog making supplies. My girls have sacrificed a few of their stuffed animals to be reincarnated as tiny dogs :). I'm thinking I can eek out at least a litter or two...

I love Sarah Jane's Children at Play fabric line. I keep this stack here because I'm still thinking about what to do with it. The fabric at the bottom (Japanese candy print) we're using to cover a family book we're writing for my youngest.

This is where my youngest takes some naps, plays while I sew, and where she is supposed to sleep at night :). I'm still trying to find the perfect "something" to put on the wall directly above her bed...I haven't found it yet. My husband built the bed using some awesome plans from the Ana White site. My mother made the quilt/bedding.

We're looking for the right-sized dresser to put at the foot of her bed (there are baskets and a canvas bucket there now). For now, her clothes are hung in the closet or otherwise stored in our room.

This is the sewing area. The ceilings in our house are all sloped with exposed beams. The wall is really high on this side, perfect for added wall space :). Those marionettes stands come nowhere close to the high ceiling!

My sewing cabinet is also gigantic, but can be folded up as well. My serger is stored behind the door on the right. That door can flip out, the top flips over, and the table can be expanded even more. And then there is even a smaller table that folds out from the door (at a right angle). And the back can flip out. This thing is crazy! I usually leave it as is and place my coverstitch machine or serger in front of the lamp. I don't need three machines out at once. I'm not very fast with my projects, in case that isn't already apparent :).

This is a little print I saw on etsy last year and just had to buy. It reminds me of three girls I know.

So...this is where we spend some of our time together. Always listening to music, drinking some tea, and working on some sewing projects.

The girls genuinely seem to enjoy this time together. They ask for it, even. The occasional treats, of course, don't hurt :).

They love this little room. So do I. Especially because they enjoy spending time with me in there. It's ours.


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    1. Thanks :). When you're lacking space (as we often do around this area), you have to improvise. In our old house, we had an office/guest room/sewing room. This works a little better!

  2. This is such an enchanting space. The room must have a spirit of its own, derived from all the love enclosed within its walls.


    1. Thank you, Beth. I really love this space. It's tiny, but it feels "full" in a good way.

      It's fun to see (or even just imagine!) where other people sew/knit/draw/create.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I've passed a Liebster Award your way...Congrats!

  4. What a nice space. I have been wanting to share mine but can't seem to keep it clean enough for pictures. ha ha
    I have that same print for The Black Apple, although it's not displayed yet, I ran out of space. Plus she is so cute but most of my girls are raven haired.

    In the day I get pretty good light, not the best, but not bad. At night..the WORST lighting, which usually when I have the time to sew.

    Loved seeing your fabrics and that pig in the stroller, so cute.