Sweet Bears!

Do you recognize this pattern? If not, you'd better head over to Gingermelon's store and take a look! Shelly has such an eye for detail. Her patterns, kits, and little creations are all so adorable. I absolutely love her work. Her patterns are perfect for people of all ages/skill levels. You really can't go wrong...the only result is cute :).

Before the holidays, I purchased a Tag-Along Bear Kit. It included the pattern and everything needed to make the bear.

After seeing how sweet the pattern was in person, the girls decided that they both wanted to make their own Tag-Along Bears for February Sunday Sister Sewing Sessions.

For my 6-year old, I enlarged the pattern and used some really old red wool felt I found awhile back in my Grandma Lou's sewing stash (it must be decades old!!!). I used a 1/16'' craft punch and made holes so she could whipstitch the bear on her own. I helped her with the head dart and the features. It's hard to tell from the picture, but her finished bear is about 9'' tall.

For my 8-year old, I reduced the pattern (she likes thing small), and she did all the sewing on her own. I helped with the eyes and nose.

They turned out great! The girls are pretty pleased with themselves.

We added these two bears to our Valentine's Day/February decorations. We also added this garland - a super easy and cute idea from Betz White found via a tutorial on craftzine. This took mere minutes to make. I love quick and rewarding projects...


  1. Great idea for enlarging the pattern and hole punch! My 8 year old made one of these a few months back. I'm sure she would like to make another bigger version.