In Progress...

A little doll for my youngest.

I was waiting on a shipment of wool to finish stuffing this doll, and it's finally here.

Now I'll have something relaxing to do this evening...and better yet, I'll put my youngest to work (she tears off bits of stuffing for me). That will keep her busy and focused :). She's a night-owl.

And yes, that is pink yarn (though it's hard to tell, isn't it?). It was requested that this doll have pink hair - "like cotton candy!

How could I resist? She's four now...she has opinions.


  1. Jill, the pink hair will be fun! Well, its fun until one of your daughters tells you this is the color she wants her hair to be :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your latest creation.


    1. If I was as efficient as you, Beth, the doll would be done by now! Or actually, it would have been done last December (when I first cut it out :) ). I'm so slow these days!

  2. I can't wait to see the pink since I have a pink haired dolly in my future.

    1. My guess is, you'll be done before me. You, too, produce so much, so quickly (and beautiful at the same time!).