Meet Gumdrop

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally finished this little 12 inch doll for my youngest daughter.  My youngest likes candy and the color pink - hence the hair and fabric choice for the dress (both her picks).

The doll's bottom torso is weighted with sand and her legs are hinged, so she can sit quite well.

Because the pink yarn is so much thinner than the yarn I traditionally use, I made three sewn yarn-wigs and used those for hair (one for the top of the head and two for the back).  My original plan was to trim these ponytails really short (like little pom-poms), but my youngest wants to keep the hair like this because it looks like "cotton candy" and she just "wants to eat it all up!"

I give the hairstyle a few months, at most, and then I'll probably have to trim the ponytails anyways, or maybe even re-do it.  It didn't take that long, so it's not a big deal.  I'm not sure this is the best choice of yarn for a 4-year old's doll.  We'll see how long it lasts!

The little bolero and shoes were made out of scraps from my old boiled wool maternity jacket. I have a third project I've made using those scraps...hopefully I'll get a chance to post about that project soon!


  1. Gumdrop is adorable! Her hair really does look like cotton candy and I love her legs. So cute. Lisa x

  2. Once again an utterly beautiful gorgeous doll! Very lucky daughter indeed!

  3. Perfect, Jill; she is just perfect!


    1. And thank you, Beth! It's almost time to show Virginia :). I'll email you in the next week or so...

  4. I though I commented already, but I lover her. Knew I would. I LOVE her big feet.

  5. Your dolls are so adorable! Great job!!!

  6. She is beautiful! And I agree with your daughter, she looks delicious!