Tiny Puppy

One of our side projects around here has been making tiny dogs from patterns in these two books.

By the talented Chie Hayano, these popular Japanese books ("Mame Wanko") were translated into English a few years back. Both books have tiny dog patterns and one includes several adorable tiny dog accessories.

I'm working on the carrier and dog bed. 

The girls have made the dog bowls and bones and some of the toys.  The bowls still need to be painted. 

To make the dogs, I needed some type of short pile fur.  We decided to recycle some Beanie Babies.

My Grandmother was a collector...and one of the things she collected were Beanie Babies.  She had hundreds.  She had boxes and boxes of new Beanie Babies and when she passed away six years ago, I volunteered to find homes for all of them.  

Most have been given away to preschools, friends, and the girls all have dozens of their own.  Still, we have many stored out in the garage.  I weeded through and took a few that we have many duplicates of and decided to take them apart.  I kept thinking of what my Grandma would say...but considering we are just reusing them and making them back into toys...well, I think she'd be okay.  We're just making cute into cute(r)!

These patterns are tiny.  Really teeny tiny.  Definitely not something the kids can sew (yet).  I might enlarge a few of the patterns so my oldest can sew a few on her own with felt.  But for now, I have to sew these little pups up.  

Our pup is a Lab-mix, with a white chin, chest, and paws.  So I used the pattern above and some recycled panther and unicorn fur below.

And this is the end result.  It's not perfect, but it's okay for my first try. 

I've sewn a few more since this first pup, but with a bit of baker's twine, they make really cute Christmas ornaments...so I'll have to show them closer to the holidays.  

Don't want to ruin any surprises :).



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    1. I know. This is the kind of dog that lets you put hats on her, etc. She is so mellow and sweet.

  2. These are utterly adorable! And I love the picture of your dog with her doppleganger on her head :-) I need to find these books....


    1. Hi Beth-

      There is a really cute needle felting one, too. It even has a cat or two. The copy I have is in Japanese, but I think the illustrations are clear enough.

      (I'm currently doing a massive clean up/re-org of my sewing stuff...and trying to find those hankies to make those adorable dresses!)

      Hope you're doing well!