Book Giveaway + Halloween Wrap-Up**

First of all, Stash Books is holding a giveaway for a free copy of my book!  Details here.  Winner announced tomorrow, so head on over!

Now...almost half-way through November and I'm just getting around to summing up last month's fun. We've been busy!

October was full of the usual activities...

The hay maze out at the pumpkin patch on the coast (south of Half Moon Bay)...

pony rides...

and pumpkins.

We watched and cheered through a month of baseball - and were quite happy with the result!  


As far as Halloween costumes, I didn't do a whole lot this year. My oldest was Alice (store-bought) and my youngest was some sort of pink and purple confection**.

My middle daughter wanted to be a pirate.  So, I made a really, really basic skirt and sash for her out of Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric.  Paired with boots, a pirate hat, an eye patch, and a hook and sword - and she was all set. The blouse she's wearing is one that my mother made me 30+ years ago!  It was part of this Gunne Sax outfit ( I actually still have the skirt and vest, too!).  It's an antique :-P.

And when your 7 year old asks you to make a matching pirate costume for their doll...it's hard to refuse.  I know all too well how quickly she'll out-grow this stage.  So, I also made a quick matching skirt for Noelle and a shirt (shortening and slightly narrowing the basic dress pattern included in my book).  Because it's a pirate shirt...I just used pinking shears to finish the sleeves and neck line, too.  Easy!

We couldn't leave out Humpty.  He sits perched up there above my sewing table.  His little pumpkin costume adds a bit of Halloween whimsy to the pink room.  

And yes, he's getting a Santa Suit next month :).

 **Just in case you think it's all sugar-and-spice around here (it's not!), or that I'm done talking about Halloween, I'll have an upcoming post about some ZOMBIE DOLLS that the girls and I made last month.  Watch out :)


  1. Can't wait to see Humpty's Santa suit. Humpty is my all time favorite thing you have made, he melts my heart.

    1. We were brainstorming all the different suit we can make him...a diaper and cupid wings for Valentine's Day? Etc.

      My girls want me to make him a chicken costume. :)

  2. OMG I agree with Rachael R. I'm such a goner for your Humpty. I was just noticing the 3 tiny lash stitches...such touches add to the adorableness

  3. My book just arrived yesterday and I have been pouring over it every spare moment! I love, LOVE it!! Looking forward to a weekend of sewing! xoxo~kimber

    1. Oh, thank you Kimber! I'm glad you like it. Email if you have any questions. Happy to help!

  4. I ordered your book today, mostly because it was on my Amazon wish list, but also due to Beth Webber's recommendation. I saw her doll made from the pattern and that clinched the deal. So utterly charming and special.

  5. Your book looks like the answer to my doll-making dreams!
    What a super collection!
    I especially love the horse, and the velveteen rabbit, but then I ESPECIALLY love the dolly faces.

  6. Your blog is a really fun find today. I've got to try making some of those tiny dogs you mentioned in a previous post. I have the books but haven't made the time yet. I did recently needlefelt some critter characters for my blog, though. I'm looking forward to following your blog. xo Jennifer

  7. love the humpty and your horse! And what an adorable little pirate! I am so so excited I have just ordered your book. Hopefully it turns up in time so I can make one for my daughters birthday!

  8. Hi there! I'm just wondering where are you. Hope everithing is ok and I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Im waiting your book to arrive, hopefully before Christmas :)

  9. Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Looking forward to more wonderful creations in 2013.