A Mohair Miss Maggie Rabbit

Early last month, when Alicia Paulson made available her Miss Maggie Rabbit kits, I purchased one without hesitation.  In fact, I was stalking her site that day until they appeared :).   I'm glad I did because they sold out quickly.  I think they sold out that very day!

Here is a photo of the original by Alicia.  Sweet.

Source:  Posie Gets Cozy Miss Maggie Rabbit

Her pattern is adorable and the fabric and yarn choices were all so beautiful.  My kit is the one below.

Source:  Posie Gets Cozy

See below?  It's all cut out and ready to sew.  I also have two more felt rabbits cut and ready to sew from this pattern - although, my oldest daughter plans to sew one herself.  They are that cute.

But around the time that I was tracing and cutting this pattern, I got a bit distracted by Jennifer Murphy's newest venture (sounds awesome!), and started wondering what a Miss Maggie Rabbit would look like sewn up in mohair.  It seemed like a good simple rabbit doll pattern - and with the limbs sewn on (sans button-joints), and the head and body as one piece - easy and child friendly, too!

I used a small piece of mohair and was (barely) able to eek out the necessary pieces.  Barely.

I used Lecien fabric for the inside ears and dress (my girls think it's a nightgown).  

The glass eyes are securely sewn on.  I also weighted the bottom of the torso with a bag of sand.  This helps the rabbit sit better, I think.

And, of course, it's stuffed firmly with wool.  Using wool and a good stuffing tool helped give a slightly different shape to the head, too.

I think the end result is pretty cute - thanks to a wonderful pattern by Alicia!

I did make a pair of undershorts, and I almost added a tail (I sewed one up), but decided not to sew it on because the rabbit lays down more nicely in a bed without it.

The boots are in process.  They are adorable.  But I'm kind of eager to make up the rabbit from the kit first.  Hopefully, I'll get to it soon.

Oh, and I think there might be new kits available soon.  But until then, I believe she has the pattern available for purchase as a download.  Go take a look!


  1. OMG How cute! I think yours is my fav Maggie yet! I totally missed out on the kits, and I am waiting for the new ones to come out. I might have to get me some mohair... ;)

    1. Thanks, Jessica. You could do wonders with this pattern!

  2. Completely adorable. Just love it in mohair . Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks, Anne. My kids like the "fur" plus the floppy limbs, too. I'm sure it will be just as cute in felt.

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  4. So adorable!! My daughter wants a rabbit doll, this is giving me mighty good ideas.

  5. such a great idea! I also ordered a Maggie kit. Couldn't resist! Now I'm inspired to make her a friend in mohair...

  6. SO cute. It’s the most adorable bunny ever!