Meet Otto

Oh, Grandma, what big ears you have!

All the better to hear you with, my dear...

Oh, Grandma, what big eyes you have!

All the better to see you with, my dear...

Blink, blink.

Oh, Grandma, what a big nose you have!

All the better to smell you with, my dear...

Oh, Grandma, what terrible big teeth you have!

All the better to eat you with!


Meet 3-month old Otto.  This furball joined our family a few weeks ago and has been keeping my days quite busy.  A good busy.  He is another rescue puppy, so we're not sure what he is - maybe Sheltie and Chihuahua?  Pomeranian and something else?  Any wild guesses?

We call him our baby wolf.  He is a total sweetheart.

He is super furry and full of energy and love.  Curious and playful.  And he loves to snuggle up on our laps or curl up next to Lily, our sweet black dog.

Lily and Otto play much of the day, chasing each other around the backyard, playing tug o' war with ropes and toys.  They are so compatible, which makes us all so happy.  We wanted to add one more dog to our family - for us, but also for Lily.  They are a good match.

And I'm back on puppy patrol!  Following Otto around the yard, making sure he isn't eating something harmful, getting into trouble, etc.

Puppyhood doesn't last for long.  Sometimes exhausting, but overall, it's fun.  Well, maybe not the housebreaking part.  The girls are all helping out when they can (when they're home from school and their various sports/lessons).  We have a busy family these days...

In the meantime, I'm finishing up a few dresses for my girls and plotting out a canvas dog tote similar to these adorable ones by Wagwear (pictured below) or these by Lands End.  I have the fabric washed and ready to be ironed today.  I like the idea of using darker fabrics (like the Wagwear tote) - so that's what I've picked out for mine (brown with blue straps).

Source:  Wagwear

Otto will likely be 10 - 15 pounds when full grown (he looks bigger because all his fluff, but is just 3+ pounds in the photos above).  I want an easy way to tote him around.

Having a smaller dog has opened up a whole new obsession, too.  I have some plans to make him some dog toys - already bought some spare squeker inserts (he can't destroy toys the same way Lily can).

And the clothes!  I have to make him a few hoodies, right?  I mean, he needs one.

Source:  etsy.com

I have a free hoodie pattern that I'll try out first, using a discarded t-shirt.  But if I like it, I'll try out one of the many Japanese dog books.  Maybe I'll make a trip to Kinokuniya in Saratoga to flip through some books in person.

Any recommendations on dog clothes patterns, send them my way!