Easy Bubblegum Halloween Costume Tutorial

Sorry for the delay! I meant to post about this costume awhile back...like last year :). But I figure there are still some of you who, like me, are brainstorming and putting together last minute Halloween costumes for your kids. My youngest keeps changing her mind, but I think she has settled on dressing up as a donut this year. Simple enough...I think.

Last year, however, she wanted to be Bubblegum Girl. Luckily, there are already some great tutorials for bubblegum machine costumes (like this awesome one by inchmark) and some cute ready-made costumes. She was begging for this one at Chasing Fireflies, but I assured her I could make her something just as cute (and for much, much less $$).

I started by using the great ideas in the inchmark tutorial. My daughter wanted half the machine on her front and half on her back, so I bought two clear plastic bowls at a local party store (both came with clear lids).

I bought a small piece of red vinyl to resemble the lower metal part of the machine. I also purchased some silver material that I was going to use for other parts of the machine (I wasn't sure how)...but I ended up using something much more simple - silver Duck Tape!!! This Duck Tape came in handy for a few key parts of the the costume and it made the whole process so much easier.

Okay, so let me break down the costume a bit in case anyone is looking for more detailed help...

1. Like the inchmark tutorial, fill a clear plastic bowl with large gumballs. Use bubble wrap (or a smaller bowl, as described in the inchmark post) to fill the rest of the bowl(s). The costume would be too heavy if the bowls were entirely filled with gum balls. The illusion of a full bowl is all you need.

2. Use silver Duck Tape to tape the lids to the bowls. Couldn't be much easier than that!

3. Cut 4 pieces of red vinyl (2 for front and 2 for back) in the general shape of a gum ball machine base. Place 2 pieces right sides together and sew along the two sides (leave top and bottom open). Turn right side-out and repeat for the remaining 2 pieces.

4. Use silver Duck Tape to close and decorate the lower part of the gum ball machine.

5. Use a utility knife/blade to cut shapes out of the Duck Tape to resemble other parts of the machine.

6. Tape the red vinyl/lower part of the machine to the backside of the bowl using Duck Tape.

7. Make simple straps for the machine out of Duck Tape. Fit to your child and tape to the backside of both bowls (so that the costume can be slipped over their head. The straps sit on their shoulders.

My husband cut the tulle and we made a quick poofy skirt for her to wear over leggings.

I used some scraps of red vinyl and a large button for the machine top/hair-accessory. To do this, cut 8 identical pieces in a curved triangle shape...sew 4 together making a circle like shape, and then repeat for the remaining 4 pieces. Place the 2 circles right-sides together and sew leaving a small space for turning right-side out. Turn right-side out and edge-stitch around the outer edge. Run some strong string through the button and then cover the button with silver Duck Tape. Use the string to attach the button to the red vinyl machine top. Add a hair clip to help adhere to the head.

See, I even used Duck Tape to secure the hair clip...easy!

To finish off the costume, we taped a small blown up pink balloon to a dowel stick to create a bubblegum wand. A few more pieces of tulle and the costume was complete.

My daughter was thrilled with the end result.

Hope this tutorial helps someone out there!